Retinal disorder is a medical problem related to your eye, more specifically, the eye part known as the retina. One of the most serious conditions that you can get in your eye is the […]
Hypertensive means one who has high blood pressure. Retinopathy refers to the damage on the retina which results in a retinal disorder. Thus, hypertensive retinopathy damage to the retina caused by your high blood pressure. […]
There are different kinds of retinal disorders, and one of the more common forms is known as retinal detachment. This retinal disorder happens when your retina separates from the back layer it is attached to. […]
Choosing a refractive eye surgeon is probably the most important decision that you have to make when considering laser eye surgery, and yet it is the one decision where I can give you […]
ntacs is a corneal prescription ring insert used for patients with low myopia and more recently, keratoconus eye problems Eyecyte / By Jeff Cline Placement of Intacs prescription inserts is entirely reversible. Thus, patients who […]
Macular degeneration is an age related medical condition which usually affects older adults.  It occurs because of damage to the retina that results in loss of vision in the centre field of vision […]
Hello Doctor, Locum Tenens Optometrist needed! If you found this page you are probably looking for an opportunity to travel and or earn money part-time. Either way we are glad you found us. […]
Mooren’s corneal ulcer (MU) is a painful, recurrent ulcerative keratitis (inflammation of the edges of the cornea) that begins along the edges of the cornea and progresses. There is no damage to the […]
Restrictive strabismus is an issue with restrictive motility that has many potential origins and has the potential to result from either mechanical or neurological etiology. Causes can be genetic, traumatic, hormonal, post-paralytic, or […]
Ocular surface tumors can be primarily one of three malignant or pre-cancerous neoplasia of the conjunctiva and cornea. These tumors are ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN) (sometimes referred to colloquially as the “skin […]