Medical optometrists

Medical optometrists are ones that have had advanced training in front of the eye ocular treatments including such things as amniotic patches and other advanced medical training for conditions such as:

Nerve regeneration for chronic pain

Diabetic neuropathy

Eye ulcer

Steroids for eyes/scarring

Dry eye disease

Ocular surface inflammation

Epithelial erosions

Endothelial uveitis/herpetic keratouveitis

Chemical burns

Corneal erosions

Neurotrophic keratitis

Filamentary keratitis

Bacterial conjuctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis

Light sensitivity

Limnal stem cell deficiency (no way to write about this without the words stem cells)

Steven’s-Johnson syndrome

Fuchs disease :endothelial dystrophy

Most optometrists focus on prescriptions and typically glasses/ contacts for consumers with vision problems but very rarely do any medical actual treatments however optometrist are trained and are doctors that do you have the capacity to do medical procedures like the placement of an amniotic patch on the ocular surface without sutures which is a very medically related procedure and only a few optometrists who have advanced training use regenerative medicine and advanced medical treatments with ocular amniotic patches on their clients.

How do I find a medical optometrist?

A recent study actually shows that most optometrists do not do advanced medical treatments such as the amniotic patch placement. A survey from Eyecyte chose over 90% of optometrist surveyed do not do ocular amniotic patches as part of their clinical or treatment procedures. That same study showed that 91% of the optometrist offices surveyed did not even know amniotic patches existed! Although advanced training is available for all optometrists, the consumer or patient is typically referred out to an ophthalmologist for surgical care.


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